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EV Charging Stations

Clear Blue is committed to working with businesses to foster a greener tomorrow, and EV charging stations are an inimitable part of that vision.Environmental issues continue to dominate political and economic discussion; keep your business at the forefront with the newest EV charging technologies.
Over 11,000 plug-in electric vehicles have taken the roads in Canada since 2011, and as that number continues to grow, so will the need for readily available EV charging infrastructure. Having installed EV Charging stations for internationally renowned tech firm Tesla Motors, Clear Blue guarantees smart, professional, and flawless services to keep your business on the future’s edge.

Fiber-Network Services

Fiber-optic cables carry out communications using optical (or light-based) technology, transmitting information at astounding speeds. It’s the solution to copper wire communications; our systems are able to accommodate long distances, have a high-data carrying capacity, and avoid any power issues that are common to electric conductors.
Clear Blue Wireless is there to survey and identify any areas that require attention and equip you with a development and installation plan, all while following specific procedures to ensure safety and proper implementation. We want your fiber-network to last, without any troubles in the future, and you can rely on us to be straightforward and thorough throughout the process.
Clear Blue Wireless fiber optic
Clear Blue Wireless Technical services

Network & Technical Services

Whether it is small improvements or wholesale changes, we are capable of providing network and technical support with a roster of qualified and knowledgeable technicians on hand.
There is nothing more frustrating for a wireless user than losing their network connection, and the same can be said for the person running the network. When using wireless technology, you will want to ensure the reliability of your network, as well as the reliability of support should an emergency arise.

Smart Cities

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the concept of connecting not only people, but things, to the internet. The future of technology isn’t simply connecting with other people, but connecting our streetlights, our roads, and our buildings to online spaces.


When more and more “everyday objects” become connected, ‘Smart Cities’ develop. Outfitting key infrastructure with online capabilities is the way of your future, and something you should be considering today. If your infrastructure has the ability to be connected to the Internet, it gains the opportunity to collect, report, and analyze trends in both an object and an area. The creation of Smart Cities with Clear Blue is the goal of continued technological development, and deserves to be taken advantage of today.

Small Cell Network Installation

Consumer Internet traffic is soaring to new heights, and, in order to keep up with the demand, small cell network installation is the future of reliable network capacities.


Small cell networks are more flexibly deployed and are perfect for incapacitating coverage issues and higher frequencies. Clear Blue Wireless understands the pains of coverage-challenged environments and is committed to providing a cost-effective solution to maximize your cellular network.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Installation

Imagine a future where the only by-product of running our planet’s vehicles is water—it might seem like a utopia, but hydrogen fuel cell technology is slated to transform the energy industry.


By simply coupling hydrogen with the air around us, hydrogen fuel cells produce electrical energy but replace any greenhouse gas emissions with water vapor.Over the past two years, the fuel cell industry has grown by over a billion dollars worldwide, and it continues to expand. Of the top 100 Fortune 500 companies, 25% use hydrogen fuel cells. Put your business on the cutting-edge of energy trends by partnering with Clear Blue’s caring, knowledgeable team for your hydrogen fuel cell installation.

Tower Decommissioning & Modification

Clear Blue Wireless offers a wide array of tower services, so that, no matter your business’ tower choices, you’ll be guaranteed to walk away satisfied.


Wireless technologies are developing and changing at a breakneck pace. With DAS, fiber, and small cell networks set to take over the wireless industry, cellular and wireless towers often need modification or, in many cases, complete decommissioning.

Construction Services

At Clear Blue, our in-house construction team brings not only years of technical experience, but also a customer-centered mentality that shines throughout the entire project. From needs assessments to blueprinting to building, your business can take comfort in Clear Blue’s construction services.

Site Maintenance & Inspections

Whether it is a routine check-up or an emergency, sites require maintenance and inspection to ensure its longevity and that they are in working order.


Not only is this important to maintain overall operations, but to both analyze and optimize whether or not a site is fulfilling its potential. Wireless users demand consistent, fast, and trustworthy service, so you should expect the same from us.


Clear Blue Wireless understands the global energy sector today, and greenhouse gas emissions, electric power, and poor regulation are all sores in the energy technologies industry.


Photovoltaic technology is a renewable energy technology that will eliminate these hitches in the industry. We have cultivated relationships with industry leading suppliers, providing you cost-effective technology you can rely on. We want to offer you solutions that ensure longevity, and we will be with you every step of the way to guarantee that informative decisions are made. Clear Blue Wireless will cater to your needs, suiting your system, while befitting your energy, location, and budget requirements.


The role of mobile technology is at an all-time high, and consumers are increasingly demanding toward both the coverage and capacity of their devices.


Think about the technology that goes into keeping a stadium, a building, or a college campus connected, and the need to keep that area online. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and in-building solutions help to optimize the reach of mobile networks in increasingly large (or difficult to cover) spaces. The reliability of your space, and its ability to keep people connected online, is never in question when using DAS and in-building solutions. Clear Blue wants to increase coverage just as much as consumers do, and DAS is an important way of remaining connected everywhere, and at lightning speed.

Wi-Fi Kiosk Installations

We want our clients to be on the forefront of wireless functionality today, and Wi-Fi kiosks allow your business to flourish indoors and out.


Instead of tackling hard-wiring equipment, we’ll find the optimal spot for your kiosk, and provide maximum return and traffic to your Wi-Fi network. Clear Blue Wireless is committed to delivering a product with ultimate placement flexibility and wireless functionality, while guaranteeing that you are satisfied with the final installation. We want you to have a positive experience and will be with you throughout the entire installation process—making sure that everything is executed seamlessly.

Project Construction & Management

Project management is more than construction planning; when it comes to wireless infrastructure, end-to-end wireless expertise is essential to build an effective network. Clear Blue’s project management is designed to leave your business competitive—and satisfied.